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Swollen Skies

The longing to leave

Swedish rock artist Edvin Stais narrates a story of longing and pain in “Swollen Skies”, a song that develops a late seventies disco sound, drawing inspiration from artists like ABBA, Dire Straits, Electric Light Orchestra and Stevie Nicks.

“Swollen Skies tells a story about love and hatred; sex, desire and violation”. Describing the song, Edvin relays a harsh reality he was inspired by, “The inspiration for this song is actually a documentary that I saw which focused on prostitution”. 

“One of the participants told a story that touched me to the marrow of my bones”. He recalls, detailing the touching experience. “I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much because of something on TV”.

“Swollen Skies isn’t really about that specific girl, but about the constant pain and fear these girls are living with”. The song also deals with the topics of domestic violence and the loss of control of your life. “It’s about becoming numb – about not being able to feel love or to feel loved”

Recorded in Gothenburg’s Stigbergsstudion during the fall of 2022, the artist enlisted the help of producer Petter Lithvall once again to assist him with the project.

Edvin Stais signed with Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021, releasing his two first singles with the label in 2022 and a third one in 2023. He’s now preparing for the release of “Swollen Skies” on May 26st.

Artwork & photo: Leon Lundmark

Edvin Stais