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Beyond the Facade

Kimberly Polanco’s new single unveils relationships in their rough complexity. “Fairytale” can be seen as a continuation to the R&B-influenced sound from Polanco’s debut release “Nothing Left to Feel”. But its richer production and faster tempo are more inclined toward pop, crafted by Gothenburg-based producer Jonathan Thorpenberg. 

“The song is telling a story about the not-so-fun side of relationships,” Polanco explains. “We tend to walk through life like it’s a fairytale with only happy moments.” The artist asks herself: “Life is not easy, so why would relationships be?” 

“Fairytale” is the second collaboration between her and Thorpenberg. It started as a melody and some words in her head, later being transformed into a beat by the producer. 

“We met with Jonathan in his studio and recorded it all in less than one session,” the artist tells us. The Swedish producer is also known as the frontman of The Unguided, but he’s also behind pop hits like Matt Fella’s “Miami Nights”.

Kimberly Polanco fell in love with music through her Chilean mother’s passion for singing. She started writing her own songs from an early age, later getting inspired by the sound of artists like Kehlani and Paloma Mami. 

She got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2020 and is now preparing for the release of “Fairytale” on April the 8th.

Artwork design: Tanja Berkö

Kimberly Polanco