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End of Days

Time of reckoning

Swedish rap artist Xersize releases “End of Days”, an unapologetic song with a cathartic message. With a haunting beat and a powerful flow that can be reminiscent of NF’s “Leave Me Alone”, “End of Days” portrays the rapper’s thoughts about his artistry and role in the rap scene.

Discussing the song’s topic, Xersize confesses, “This song is about me being sick and tired of being overlooked (. . .) I’m sending a clear message to the entire rap industry – you better step aside or step up”. 

With its expressive hook and dark lyrics, “End of Days” provides a very personal view to the artist’s inner struggles and his need for a turning point, vindicating his view of what rap music currently needs, “I miss the days where rappers actually made a point with each song and I’m tired of great rappers (. . .) not being talked about”.

Enlisting the assistance of producer Robinholta, the track was recorded in the artist’s home studio and his former home town. “we spent months perfecting the mix and master so that it turns out EXACTLY like I envisioned it”.

Xersize’s debut album “Xersize” was released in 2019, followed by his second album “Välkommen Hem” in 2020. The rapper got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021. He’s preparing for the release of “End of Days” on November 11th.

Photos by Rasmus Löhaj.