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Save Your Tears

Revisiting a modern classic

Swedish pop artist EVE returns with “Save Your Tears”, a cover version of The Weeknd’s 2020 release. With an expressive vocal performance that can be reminiscent of the style of Molly Sandén, the song displays a close portrait of the original sound.

For her version, EVE chose the lyrics for the track’s 2021 remix, interpreted by The Weeknd himself and featuring Ariana Grande.

With an expressive and dynamic sound similar to the one in her song “Better”, “Save Your Tears” continues the sound of EVE’s previous releases, exploring catchy synth sounds and versatile vocals.

As is common in Swedish musical education, EVE started singing and playing the guitar from an early age. “But I got more serious during middle school”, she relays. EVE has moved from an acoustic singer/songwriter style to her current pop sound. She released her first two singles in 2017, followed by various releases in 2022, including “Better”.

EVE signed with Rexius Records 2017, she’s now preparing for the release of “Save Your Tears” on October 28th.

Photos by Anas Alkhara.