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Det Färgglada i Svart

Considerations on contemporary society

Swedish rock quartet Hotellet returns with “Det Färgglada i Svart”, an EP that shares the band’s various perspectives on different aspects of society. Expanding on their classic 90’s rock sound, the songs remind of some of the band’s influences, such as U2’s “Where The Streets Have No Name”.

Discussing the range of topics on the EP, the band relays “From the refugee wave from the Middle East (…) we touch the topic of the too weak penalties for rape and how one would like to take the law into one’s own hands. Finally, a consideration of how a classic Swedish night of pub drinking can work.”

The quartet revisited their usual sounds in tracks like “Den Grymma Freden”, which discusses the difficult situation of middle eastern refugees in Sweden in recent years; and “Det Färgglada I Svart”, that speaks on the harsh reality of rape in the country.

They also explored a slightly happier sound in “Zoetrop”, which narrates the experience of a classic Swedish night of binge drinking in a pub from a first person perspective.

Recorded in producer Philip Crusner’s studio, the band describes the collaboration as a very fruitful learning process. “You always learn something new. Especially when working with Philip Crusner.”

After years of maturing their text-based creative process, the band got signed to Rexius Records in 2017. Their song “Hillary Step” was featured in Rädda Barnen’s videos for their campaign #minaförstaord (my first words). 

Hotellet is now preparing for the release of “Det Färgglada I Svart”, available on June 10th.