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Condemn the Silence

A small hope within the uncertainty

Swedish indie rock band Lyrika reflects on the difficulty of a separation in their new track “Condemn the Silence”. A song that mixes a reflective dynamism that brings reminiscences of Editors’ “Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors” with expressive lyrics that remind of m83’s “wait”.

“It’s about that scary silence you feel when you have lost someone important”, reflect the band members. The song is also infused with a sense of uncertainty or even hope of a different ending, described by them as “a feeling where you bargain with faith to get a chance to do things/say things with/to someone important one last time”.

Written from the perspective of a “man without a name”, the song creates an interesting contradiction with the lyrics “I know it’s deadly over, sometimes miracles can happen”, something the band members leave open to the audience, “If something is dead, could it really be resuscitated? Based on your mood as a listener you decide for yourself”.

Recorded in September of 2022 at the ES studio in Karlstad, Sweden, the band enlisted the help of producer Kristofer Strandberg for the project.

Lyrika released several LPs and singles since their debut in 2015. Soon after releasing their self-titled LP, “Lyrika” in 2022, they signed with Gothenburg-based Rexius Records; they’re now preparing for the release of “Condemn the Silence” on February 3rd.

Artwork: Clara Rollny

Photo: Magnus Rehnberg & Kamilla Persson