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Hårt som järn

Beyond black and white

Swedish pop artist Per-Albin returns with “Hårt som järn”, a song that explores the ambiguity of truth and perspective. With a retro synthpop approach that can be reminiscent of bands like A-ha, the song represents an interesting shift in the artist’s sound.

“The main topic of the song is how the truth often takes two faces and is seldom black and white”, reveals Per-Albin, also confessing a personal frustration about the subject, “I can personally be very annoyed when people refuse to see more than one side of a story”.

On the song’s lyrics, the artist reveals an intriguing inspiration to his favorite line of the song, “Mitt ord är hårt som järn, Men mina handlingar är guld” (My word is as hard as iron, But my actions are gold). “The line is also a subtle reference to a great book written by Conn Iggulden where he portrays the life of Ghengis khan”. 

Musically oriented from an early age, Per-Albin’s special connection to music gave him the motivation to carry on over the years. “The passion for music kind of forced me not to give up.” “So much of my music is (simply described) about the difficulties of getting through life and everyday life.” 

In 2021 the artist got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records. He’s preparing to release “Hårt som järn” on January 27th.

Photo: Albin Larsson