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The Soldier

The Soldier: The Past, the Future, and the Present A Paradox and a Journey of Self-Discovery in Alternative Rock By: Henry Gonzalez Ortiz The Soldier is an alternative rock artist from Massachusetts who uses music as a vehicle to navigate the complexities of life. Echoing the sound of artists like…
January 16, 2024


bobbyrobby is an American indie dream pop artist who understands music as a pure expression of universal love and freedom. Crafting ethereal soundscapes that echo the style of artists like Beach House and Cocteau Twins, his music is a testament to the magic of art. Infusing psychedelic sounds with dreamy…
November 21, 2023

Julia K

Swedish indie pop artist Julia K creates a bridge to the most profound parts of her soul through music. Shaping a style that can be reminiscent of the sound of artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Soccer Mommy, her songs stem from experience and a need for intimacy. “I’m a very…
March 10, 2022