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The Soldier

The Soldier


A Paradox and a Journey of Self-Discovery in Alternative Rock

Rexius Records

Boston, MA, USA

The Soldier


The Soldier: The Past, the Future, and the Present
A Paradox and a Journey of Self-Discovery in Alternative Rock
By: Henry Gonzalez Ortiz

The Soldier is an alternative rock artist from Massachusetts who uses music as a vehicle to navigate the complexities of life. Echoing the sound of artists like Hippo Campus and Lord Huron, his music is a constantly evolving, eclectic collection of sounds and genres.

Music became the discovery of a whole new world to Hunter Gorgas, the mastermind behind The Soldier, when he started guitar lessons at 8 years old. This new world would give Hunter refuge and solace from life’s tribulations, becoming an essential part of his life.

In his early years, Hunter’s songs were intimate secrets. His introspective, personal lyrics became ways to cope and understand the world around him. With The Soldier, he found total artistic freedom, crafting a name that evolved into a paradox, allowing others to see themselves in the music.

The Soldier’s music has gradually evolved, influenced by the style of his favorite artists. His early indie folk sound eventually morphed into other genres, leading to his current alternative rock style as he learned more instruments and refined his singing voice.

The Soldier’s lyrics narrate events of the past, present, and future, using the ambiguity of time to maintain vulnerability and authenticity. With his music, he perpetually seeks the meaning behind the events of his life, touching topics like mental health, love, friendship, relationships, and spirituality.

In 2023, The Soldier signed with Rexius Records, aiming to share more of his journey with the world.



Release Date: April 12, 2024