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“Sculptor” – Shaping Our World

Bukolik’s New Captivating and Introspective Song Serbian-based alternative rock band Bukolik is set to release their latest single, "Sculptor," on August 23rd. With a powerful guitar-driven sound and resonant vocals reminiscent of bands like Kings of Leon and Queens of the Stone Age, the song's reflective lyrics and mesmerizing guitar…
May 6, 2024

“Happily Ever After” – When Dreams Fall Apart

Noran’s New Anthem of Heartbreak and Shattered Hopes Egyptian-American pop artist noran is set to release her poignant new single, “Happily Ever After,” on May 31st. Echoing the heartfelt lyrical style and soulful vocal performances of artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish, this piano-driven track is sure to captivate…
April 16, 2024

“The Old You” – The Echo of a Dwindling Friendship

Izzy Maher’s Emotional New Song Brooklyn-based indie pop artist Izzy Maher is set to release her poignant new single “The Old You” on April 12th. Echoing the expressive sound of artists like Lizzie McAlpine and Julien Baker, the song explores the pain and grief sparked by a friendship that has…
April 2, 2024


Break Your Sonic Boundaries with TaxaJermy's Mind-Bending Experimental Rock A Unique Fusion of Sounds and Perspectives TaxaJermy, the visionary American experimental rock artist, is here to take you on a mind-bending musical journey like no other. Pushing the boundaries of traditional rock, he brings an immersive sonic experience that defies…
July 25, 2023