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Following their European tour as an opening act for Novelists, Swedish deathcore band A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk is now releasing “Cycles”, a new single among a series of reflections on the current state of environmental destruction. The song introduces us to their most brutal sound so far, evoking associations…
February 15, 2019


Following their positive reception in several Latin American Metal channels, A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk presents us with “Slaves”: A single with their unmistakable combination of misanthropic denounce and individual responsibility. What would Metal be without its healthy dose of headbang-worthy social critique? From the early Anthrax and Sepultura to…
February 28, 2018


In their latest single “Cyanide”, A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk takes an unorthodox approach one of Metal’s most iconic tropes Mother Nature as embodiment of a crude, primal force has been a recurrent theme all through Scandinavian Metal history. From the earlier years of Black Metal to dozens of other…
October 3, 2017

A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk

Gothenburg is famous for being the epicenter of a crucial episode in the history of Death Metal. Most cities in the world don’t have the privilege of having their own signature musical style! It isn’t called “the Gothenburg sound” for nothing, and A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk has proven to…
October 3, 2017