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In their latest single “Cyanide”, A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk takes an unorthodox approach one of Metal’s most iconic tropes

Mother Nature as embodiment of a crude, primal force has been a recurrent theme all through Scandinavian Metal history. From the earlier years of Black Metal to dozens of other pagan-related subgenres, the rawness of the Nordic landscape continues to inspire an inexorable flow of inspiration. But will this iconic image of nature as a mother-provider prevail, when brutally confronted with its relentless destruction by human hands? The self-conscious misanthropy anthem “Cyanide” by the Gothenburg-based Metalcore act  A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk reflects on an answer to this crucial question.

While the visual references of the female Mother Nature might transport the viewer to classic Metal imagery (Satyricon’s Mother North anyone?), this version of the figure implies a more savage side that will strike back at the human after ages of silent affront. We might end up not having a place to call a shelter after all, as the desperate individual tires from running from a force that becomes his own tomb.

A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk shows clear influences from acts like Architects and Chelsea Grin. Some synths here and there that remind us of the signature sound of The Browning are also present in the track. But a twist towards a more crushing Death-metal atmosphere and a not-so-subtle homage to the golden age of Black Metal riffs add an interesting touch to the mix

Environmentalism has never sounded so metal.

November 3, 2017