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Miami Nights

Miami Nights

Endure a German or Scandinavian winter, and you’ll understand the fixation with summer vibes in recent Northern European EDM. In a way, this current “tropicalization” of the genre might be an effort to capture a musical photo of long-gone sunny vacations. Miami Nights, Matt Fella’s debut single, brings this summer nostalgia to the top: Nothing like shiny music to comfort you on a long winter night.

So take me back to south beach

We were young and stupid

That was all that we had

Take me back to then…

Making use of modern EDM’s remarkable ability to flirt with other genres, Matt Fella is known for his past collaborations with artists like TGR’s Kevin Faye. Miami Nights, a Tropical House tune with a touch of longing for summer romance, features vocals by Jonathan Thorpenberg, lead singer in Swedish Melodic Death Metal act The Unguided (yeah, metalheads can also miss the beach sometimes). All while maintaining Tropical House’s easygoing and uplifting sound.

Like a good son of the Swedish musical culture, Matt has been playing instruments since he was a small child. He’s been a drummer and singer ever since he can remember, taking part in a traditional musical training that is not always granted within the current EDM producer and DJ community. This musicality is shown through his understanding of the genre’s simple but quite powerful melodies, and the familiar technical production one can only expect of a Stockholm producer.

Gather your Instagram vacation pictures and get your doze of summer nostalgia on Miami Night’s release on December the 1st!

Swedish beats of Summer Nostalgia

December 1, 2017