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“A Total Schmitt Show” – The Portraits of a Life Journey

Schmitty’s Captivating New EP American alternative hip-hop artist Schmitty is set to release his first EP, "A Total Schmitt Show," on April 19th. Echoing the styles of artists like blackbear, Juice WRLD, and Jeremy Zucker, this diverse collection showcases Schmitty's versatility, providing a well-rounded, multi-genre introduction to his sound and…
March 6, 2024


BA - The Voice of the Underdogs Rich Melodies and Personal Lyrics in Miami Hip-Hop BA is a Miami-based hip-hop artist who values authenticity above everything else. Echoing the styles of artists like Rod Wave and Drake, his music is an honest reflection of his struggles, his hard work culture,…
February 8, 2024

“Conical Shell” – The Musings of a Contemplative Soul

DAVIDD’s New Acoustic Gem UK indie artist DAVIDD is set to release his new single “Conical Shell” on January 26th. Echoing the sound of artists like Nick Drake and Elliott Smith, this wistful acoustic song represents the conclusion of the year’s musical journey for the artist, and the promise of…
January 17, 2024


Austrian producer Weezy.records is determined to create special music. Drawing parallels with iconic producers like Bizarrap, Metro Boomin’, and Internet Money, his music blends multiple influences, shaping impactful melodies that reflect unique emotional atmospheres. Music has been a lifelong companion and passion of Weezy.records, he started writing songs when he…
September 28, 2023