Harry Wanne

Swedish hip-hop artist Harry Wanne uses music as a haven to endure the difficulties of life. Influenced by artists like NF and Post Malone, his ability to depict genuine raw emotions allows him to create an honest connection with his listeners. “Sometimes when I do a new song it’s often…
September 29, 2023


Austrian producer Weezy.records is determined to create special music. Drawing parallels with iconic producers like Bizarrap, Metro Boomin’, and Internet Money, his music blends multiple influences, shaping impactful melodies that reflect unique emotional atmospheres. Music has been a lifelong companion and passion of Weezy.records, he started writing songs when he…
September 28, 2023

Jacob Öman

Swedish hip hop artist Jacob Öman speaks about love in all its forms. Influenced by artists such as Justin Bieber and Post Malone, his music seeks to connect and share his experiences with love and relationships. Discussing his reasons to start making music, Jacob relays how he sought a safe…
September 22, 2022


Bobby Blaque's new single "DIVA" is an admiration anthem to the strong women in his life. The Gothenburg-based rapper rhymes over a bizarre, heavily processed acoustic guitar loop produced by Neighbrbeats and co-produced by Trap Teddy. The song’s alternative production draws inspiration from artists stretching from Tory Lanez to Ty…
July 20, 2020

One Dance

In his new single “One Dance”, Matt Fella flirts with urban influences while maintaining the tropical house vibes the Swedish producer/DJ has been known for. The track introduces us to an alluring genre crossover of trap, pop, and EDM featuring hit-maker Sanna Martinez and freestyle rapper PLOT. Matt Fella has…
February 13, 2020


Gothenburg rapper Bobby Blaque’s second single “STICKS” introduces us to a sound with certain noir undertones, without fully abandoning the whimsical flow approach that defined his breakthrough debut “Thirty Rack$”. Somewhere in between the identity crisis derived from his background as a trans-racially adopted child and the quirky bubblegum-influenced aesthetics…
January 17, 2020

Thirty Rack$

Bobby Blaque could be defined as post-bubblegum trap with a touch of Brockhampton. Thirty Rack$’ sampling style, childlike harmony and catchy singalong are definitely influenced by 2016’s wave of cotton candy trap (think Lil Yachty or Lil Uzi Vert). But the sunshine-ish sound is toned down by Bobby’s persona and…
May 21, 2019

Bobby Blaque

Bobby Blaque was adopted from his homeland of Colombia at the age of three and raised in Luleå, Sweden. Experiencing the identity crisis that a lot of trans-racially adopted children do, he left Luleå shortly after high-school, heading straight for Stockholm. After years of trying to discover who he is,…
May 21, 2019

Dream, girl

Rapper Cora Onori followed the rabbit hole and left the door open for us to listen to “Dream, girl”, a Cloud rap single with an air of innocent melancholy. The music seems to come from a forgotten childhood memory, with almost ritualistic, chant-like vocals to cradle Cora’s own reveries. With…
April 9, 2018


Efter två EP-släpp och ett framgångsrikt framträdande på Live at Heart så introducerar Kevin Kenell oss till sitt nya sound på singeln “Flyger”, Örebro-rapparens labeldebut med Rexius Records. Kenells karaktäristiska vokaler i kombination med en organisk instrumental presenterar, i rapparens egna ord, någonting som bara de närmaste av vänner ser.…
February 1, 2018