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“Wonderful” – Manifesting The Love of Your Dreams

Titus Drott’s Heartfelt New Single Swedish singer-songwriter Titus Drott is thrilled to release his latest single “Wonderful,” on June 7th. With its beautiful melodies, captivating lyrics, and charming vocal performance, this heartwarming song echoes the expressive sound of artists like Ed Sheeran and Rufus Wainwright. “Wonderful” reflects a simple yet…
May 14, 2024

“Luka” – A Moving Rendition

Shalisa Taylor’s Poignant New Release Swedish singer-songwriter Shalisa Taylor is set to release her cover of Suzanne Vega’s iconic song "Luka" on May 24th. Known for its moving narrative on emotional and physical abuse, the track is beautifully reimagined by Shalisa, crafting a version that resonates with the intimate acoustic…
April 22, 2024

Izzy Maher

Izzy Maher is an emerging Brooklyn-based indie pop artist who uses music as a medium to connect to her rich emotional microcosm. Her songs are canvases of sincere expression and portraits of her ever-changing life, echoing the style of artists like Lizzy McAlpine and Regina Spektor. Izzy’s love of music…
April 2, 2024

“I’m Not Alright” – A Heartfelt Confession

Titus Drott’s Expressive New Single Swedish singer-songwriter Titus Drott is set to release his poignant new single "I'm Not Alright" on April 12th. Echoing the expressive sound of artists like Lewis Capaldi and Sam Fischer, the track is bound to charm listeners with its intimate lyrics and captivating melodies. "I'm…
March 8, 2024

Markus Fagerlund

Markus Fagerlund: Shaping Stories Through Captivating Melodies Discover the Swedish Singer-Songwriter's Mesmerizing Charm and Musical Journey Markus Fagerlund is a Swedish singer-songwriter who captivates audiences with the timeless charm and mesmerizing melodies of his songs. After years of playing with various bands, his lifelong passion for music and performing inspired…
January 18, 2024

“All of the Above” – The Cosmic RocknRolla’s Stellar Debut

Al Ex Breaks Molds With His New Album Spanish songwriter, singer, and producer Al Ex (Alex García-Obregón) is set to release his debut album “All of the Above” on December 1st. A masterful blend of genres such as folk, electro-pop, rock, and funk, this magical work echoes a wide array…
October 30, 2023