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“Drunk On A Ladder” – An Innocent Reverie

Dust City Opera Releases A Fan Favorite Albuquerque-based alt-rock band Dust City Opera is set to release their new single “Drunk On A Ladder” on February 9th. Echoing the sound of bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Lord Huron, and The Lumineers, this unique track shapes a distinctive…
January 18, 2024

Still the Wind Blows

The contemplative lyrics of “Still the Wind Blows” could’ve been written in the Middle Ages or the early XXth century, while still creating a thought-provoking listening experience. For there is an ageless feel to the simplicity of mountaineer life as depicted by Davide Lippi. The song presents a synthesis of…
May 19, 2020

Davide Lippi

The tireless wanderlust of Davide Lippi is conveyed through a spiritual lyricism inspired by ancient folk music, tinged with hints of acoustic pop (not unlike Drew Holcomb or Northern Indians). Equal parts social lonewolf and compassionate philosopher, Davide spends his days as a horseman in northern Sweden when he’s not…
May 13, 2020

Small Steps Ahead

After a summer tour that took him over 2500 miles around Europe, Land of Trees is now releasing “Small Steps Ahead”, his second full-length album: An acoustic delight praising the value of hope through hard times and the emotional solace only nature provides. Produced by Alexander Asp in the spring…
August 28, 2018

Just Imagine

In what can be seen as an interesting paradox, spending time on your own in Nature’s embrace can put your gloomy urban life ruminations into perspective. You might be alone with your thoughts, but the contact with ancient entities such as rivers or centennial trees is a profoundly humbling -and…
Rexius Records
February 19, 2018

There’s a Reason

When you travel around the world (and your own country) as much as Marcus Friman, Swedish singer/songwriter behind “Land of Trees”, the journey changes you in such a profound way that it starts becoming introspective at some point. Your past and inner struggles turn into landmarks that slowly but steadily…
Rexius Records
November 8, 2017

Signs of Life

To a decades-long lineage of folk singer/songwriters, lyrics are everything - try listening to a song by Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan without focusing on the words. Some other creators in the genre, like Jonas Lundvall, focus on crafting intricate narrative landscapes through sound, with lyrics adding to the overall…
September 8, 2017