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Neighbors Knocking

Neighbors Knocking

Pop Rock

Rexius Records

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Neighbors Knocking


Neighbors Knocking – Aiming for the Moon
An Exciting Experiment in Alternative Pop
Neighbors Knocking is a Dutch alternative pop duo with a very versatile sound reminiscent of artists like Passion Pit and Miike Snow. Their music combines both acoustic and electronic elements and a broad palette of genres, channeling both their inner microcosms and their views on the world into a colorful and exciting mix.

As both prolific and passionate composers, the duo never shies away from experimenting. Their songs are full of inventive musical ideas and unique lyrics inspired by their personal experiences, the books, movies, and music they love, and the events of the world around them. Their lyrics are as versatile as their sound, ranging from symbolism to darkness, open-hearted sincerity, and even satire and the absurd.

As a natural evolution from their previous project, the band The Grand Woo, Neighbors Knocking is the child of two high school friends who have loved creating music all their lives. Their special creative chemistry is bound to take them down unexpected roads, as they confess, “When you aim for the moon you’re bound to have some crash landings, but it also takes you to surprising places.”

Neighbors Knocking signed with Rexius Records in 2023. Together, they hope to share more of their musical experiments with the world.


“A Long Way to Broadway” – Are You a Master of the Heart?

Release Date: April 5, 2024