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Sean Kennedy

Sean Kennedy


Rexius Records

Katonah, NY, USA

Sean Kennedy


Sean Kennedy – The Confessions of an Honest Songwriter
A Life’s Journey Through Music
Sean Kennedy is a bedroom pop artist from New York who discovered music as a tapestry to portray the different stages of his life. Inspired by artists like Conan Gray and Troye Sivan, his music takes listeners on a deeply personal journey through the challenges and emotions he has faced.

Sean started writing songs at the age of nine, a precocious talent that led him to start creating on a daily basis. He eventually learned how to record his music, honing his skills as his self-produced tracks poured out.

From the hundreds of songs he created, he chose the very best and compiled them to release his debut album at the age of fifteen. His sound gradually evolved from a mixture of influences and a blend of genres into a cohesive product of his authentic self-expression.

Sean’s music has served as a testimony to the different phases of his life. His four studio albums are perfect portraits of his high school and early college years. Writing about his personal struggles, friendships, his life during the pandemic, his first relationship, and the fears of parting for college, his basement studio became the confessional where he could be unapologetically authentic.

Sean Kennedy released his debut single “Anyone” in 2018, followed by his LPs “Tell Me” in 2019, “The One” in 2020, “What’s Left Unsaid” in 2021, and “Forever Us” In 2023. In that same year, he signed with Rexius Records, ready to continue sharing his talent with the world.


Let It Go

Release Date: May 10, 2024