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“A Long Way to Broadway” – Are You a Master of the Heart?

Neighbors Knocking’s New Thought-Provoking Single

Dutch alternative pop duo Neighbors Knocking is set to release their new single “A Long Way to Broadway” on April 5th. Inspired by the sound of artists like Car Seat Headrest, The Naked and Famous, and The Lemon Twigs, the song’s catchy trumpet melodies and honest lyrics are bound to captivate and inspire deep thoughts in its listeners.

The lyrics of “A Long Way to Broadway” paint a vivid picture of the contrasts in life, from the highs of fame to the lows of struggle. Through a series of vignettes, the song comments on the arbitrary measures of success imposed in material life, confronting the listener with the enlightening question, “Are you a master of the heart?.”

Written, mixed, and produced by Neighbors Knocking in their home studio in Nijmegen, “A Long Way to Broadway” showcases their growing talent for combining electronic and acoustic elements. The song was also mastered by Rinus van de Weerd and it features cover art by Sanne de Graaf.

Neighbors Knocking, known for their experimental approach to alternative pop, continue to push boundaries with their music. Their lyrics are as versatile as their sound, ranging from symbolism to darkness, open-hearted sincerity, and even satire and the absurd. 

Neighbors Knocking is a natural evolution from the duo’s previous project, the band The Grand Woo. With its constantly evolving sound, the project is the musical child of two high school friends who have loved creating music all their lives. The duo has released various singles over the past year, leading them to sign for Rexius Records in 2023.

Don’t miss the release of “A Long Way to Broadway” and let yourself be captivated by its catchy sound and thought-provoking lyrics.

Artwork & photo: Sanne de Graaf

Neighbors Knocking