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Rexius Records

Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, Italy



MαriΩ – Singing the Songs of the Heart Guided by the Insights of the Soul
A Resonant New Voice in Pop
MαriΩ is an emerging Bulgarian pop artist who understands the transcendent power of music to touch people’s hearts. Blending pop and rock influences that echo the style of bands like Train and piano-based acoustic pop in the style of artists like Ben Rector, he crafts music full of deep and authentic lyrics.

MαriΩ’s musical journey started with early vocal lessons at the age of four. He grew into a talented singer, shining through numerous singing competitions. His talent got him to the semifinals of the popular Serbian TV show “Pinkove Zvezdice” in 2018 after surpassing 12 rounds. It also awarded him a spot as a junior jury for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 along with several awards in multiple countries.

His versatile vocal range also allowed him to perform at prestigious venues such as the National Theater of Bulgaria, the professional Art Theatre, and the National Opera and Ballet of Sofia, where he took important roles such as Feodor in Mussorgsky’s “Boris Godunov,” a lead role in “Les Misérables,” and a role in Georgi Atanasov’s “Borislav.” He has also recently performed at the Dutch Opera and Ballet.

In recent years, MαriΩ’s artistic journey has shifted its focus into self-expression. His songs reflect the emotional depth of his mature self, describing the authenticity of an ordinary human being who is also moved by the mysteries of the universe, as he has delved deep into esoteric philosophy and mysticism.

Over the past six years, MαriΩ has released various singles, balancing his creative life with his Media studies in the University of Amsterdam, the publishing of an esoteric book in Bulgarian, and studies and teachings on the occult. In 2023, he signed with Rexius Records, aiming to continue using the power of music to touch more hearts.


Time Thief

Release Date: June 14, 2024