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Art Pop

Channeling the Sounds of the Inner Light

Rexius Records

Helsinki, Finland



Meet the Queen of Finnish Art Pop
GEA is a Finnish art-pop artist and producer who has channeled music all her life. With a sound that has gained her comparisons to legends like Björk and Kate Bush, her mystic connection to the earth and nature has allowed her to be a bridge between worlds and dimensions, bringing powerful and healing frequencies along the way.

GEA’s music seeks to connect her listeners with their inner light, creating inner peace and happiness. Her music was a catalyst for her own life and career, leading her on a journey of self-discovery and healing which helped her break free from a toxic relationship and become a full-time artist.

Through her intuitive connection, her music has honored and portrayed many sources, from the essence of recently deceased loved ones to the spirits of the earth, her work reflects the sacredness of the spiritual path, expressing her unique essence in every sound.

GEA has released two albums and several singles, recently starting to self-produce her work. She has performed at festivals in Japan, USA, Finland, Canada and Mexico. Her music was also featured in Netflix’s series “Happy Jail.” In 2023 she signed with Rexius Records, a step further in her unique path as an artist.



Release Date: August 25, 2023