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Indie Pop

Music as a Flame of Hope in the Darkness

Rexius Records

Huntsville, ON P0B, Canada



Hardnight is an indie pop artist who invites listeners on an introspective journey through the depths of human experience. Inspired by artists like Bon Iver and Hozier, his music serves as a heartfelt testimony to the profound struggles that often unfold during the soul’s darkest nights.

At the core of Hardnight’s music lies a desire to address strong emotions and forge connections with others. Each composition is a reflection of personal struggles, fears, and moments of self-discovery.

His songs touch on themes of life’s struggles, angst, depression, addiction, hope, and the journey of overcoming hardship. With dark and hopeful atmospheres, he weaves together a sonic tapestry that sparks a flame of hope in the darkness.

Hardnight’s creative process is a journey that begins with an emotional impact or memory that serves as a catalyst. With a blend of introspection and experimentation, he gives himself the freedom to explore musical ideas and find the perfect expression of those raw feelings.

After releasing his first singles in 2022, he signed with Rexius Records, aiming to share more of his deep inner soundscapes with the world.


Andy: Hardnight’s Therapeutic Journey

Release Date: August 25, 2023