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Melodic death metal band Recreated introduces us to their new sound through the release of “Væringr”, the first single of their upcoming album. The song was given its final form by Robert Kukla, who has worked with Fredrik Nordström at the legendary Studio Fredman and produced bands like Hammerfall or The Unguided.

In “Væringr”, Recreated keeps Gothenburg metal alive while throwing in a few other influences into the mix. Their melodic death metal sound is a bit blackened, not unlike Swedish acts such as Necrophobic (for whom they opened in 2019).

The word “Væringr” refers to a lesser-known chapter in Swedish history: Viking warriors who were appointed as a royal guard by the emperor of Byzantium for over a century. The soldiers earned a reputation in the ancient world for their incorruptible loyalty to the emperor, in an oath beyond life itself that reminds of the samurai.

Just as the “Væringr” were known for their unquestionable allegiance, Recreated keeps true to its musical origins, evoking associations to bands like Amon Amarth. The band was founded in Växjö in 2008, presenting certain influences from American death metal bands the likes of The Black Dahlia Murder. This is evident in “Beware of the Dead”, their first album from 2016, and “Decretoria Quasi Compitum” (2017).

They also incorporate a few black metal elements, which have diminished to a certain extent ever since – at least musically speaking. The band still preserves some amount of blackened aesthetics, particularly in their fascination with the Nordic winter landscape and cultural heritage.

After some further recordings and touring across Scandinavia, Recreated decided to move to Gothenburg. Their sound has been clearly influenced by this choice: Simpler and cleaner song structures driven by memorable melodic themes. The rhythmic motive of Væringr’s chorus effectively symbolizes battle riding.

Recreated got signed to Rexius Records in 2019 and crafted their upcoming album “Evila” at Robert Kukla’s Obsidian Recording Studios. “Væringr” will be available on June 26th.

🎨 Pavel Kubanov
📷 Jon-Asle Jansen

Gothenburg Sound Allegiance

June 26, 2020