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EDM producer Bonalt and pop singer/songwriter Rafet Xhelili join forces on “Manipulera”, a single with the Swedish tropical vibes we’ve gotten to know from artists the likes of ROËDS, Ludvigsson, or Erlandsson. A song of heartbreak and tough realizations, with a perfect balance of dance beats for the heart and acoustic influences. The release follows Bonalt’s success with his debut single on outlets the likes of Popmuzik and Spotify’s official Viral 50 hits in Paraguay.

With a more chill pop quality than its predecessor “Let Me”, the song maintains Bonalt’s elegant simplicity. The memorable drop melody acts as a clever response to Rafet Xhelili’s topliner.

Xhelili has started establishing a reputation in the southern Swedish scene thanks to his versatile pop vocals. What started as skillful covers of English pop songs developed into a singer/songwriting career, performing mostly in Swedish.

This isn’t Bonalt and Xhelili’s first collaboration. In 2016, Bonalt made a tropical remix of Rafet’s original song “Kärlek Är Inget Trick”. A topliner performance on Bonalt’s “The Night” followed in 2019.

Bonalt was in the minds of prominent EDM influencers even before releasing his solo debut. After graduating from music high school in Malmö, he became part of a DJ/producer duo that grew into a SoundCloud sensation with their breakthrough remix of Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers” in 2017.

The success didn’t stop there: Their original song “Blessing” was featured on Spotify Editorial playlists the likes of “New Music Friday Denmark”, “Tropisk House”, “Tropical Vibes”, and the highly influential “Pop Right Now”.

After signing to Rexius Records in 2017 and a creative hiatus the following year, Bonalt returned with full force in 2019. His debut solo single “Let Me” earned him the praise of prominent Swedish blog Popmuzik and Spotify’s official Viral 50 Paraguay. We’ll hear more of him through the release of “Manipulera”, available in June 2020.

Chill Beats of Heartache

June 18, 2020