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Vad du betyder för mig

Cherishing a loved one

Swedish hip hop artist Jacob Öman releases “Vad du betyder för mig”, a heartfelt song about love. With a pop-influenced sound and a melodic approach, the music is reminiscent of the style of artists like Post Malone and blackbear.

The song’s topic is very frankly described by the artist, “It’s about what my girl means to me”. Jacob’s past difficulties with love, which were previously reflected in his music, became a powerful motivation to express his more positive current state, “I was more heartbroken in my first single and felt lonely. So It’s something really different”.

About the song’s creative process, the artist relays, “I wrote this song in like 45 minutes because I was in the flow (. . .) later me and my producer made a beat of It”. This swift inspiration was later condensed in the studio in Gothenburg, where the track was recorded.

Jacob Öman’s debut single “Okej För Mig” was released in 2020. The artist was signed by Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021. He’s now preparing for the release of “Vad du betyder för mig” in October 7th.

Photo: Oliver Hartburt

Jacob Öman