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The Seed of Hate

A violent retribution

Swedish hard rock band The Mörkret portrays a haunting story about vengeance in their new song “The Seed of Hate”. With similar sounds to bands like Mustasch and Mastodon, the song’s vivid imagery and vocal performance are bound to generate a strong reaction.

“the lyrics tell the story of a girl or woman, who has been abused in some way or another”, comments one of the band’s members. Drawing inspiration from stories like Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill”, the song details a raw portrait of a victim choosing the somber path of revenge.

With a gradual depiction of the descent of the protagonist into violence, “The Seed of Hate” narrates an appalling tale, as described by the band’s members, “The rest of the song is just a gruesome depiction of how she slides further and further into a vengeance fueled madness. Sadly the song doesn’t have a happy ending”.

Recorded separately in each of the band member’s home studios, the song’s dark topic allowed the band to explore with different vocal mixing techniques, seeking to generate a stronger expressive effect.

The members of The Mörkret played in various local bands before starting their journey together. They released their first two singles “Hit me” and “Shotgun Legacy” in 2019, followed by three other singles in 2020 and three songs earlier this year.

The band got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021. They’re now preparing for the release of “The Seed of Hate” on January 13th.

Photographer: Emil Westin Skogh

Designer of Artwork: Linda Hedström

The Mörkret