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The One

Of love and loss

Swedish hip hop artist NRE releases “The One”, an emotional song about a special relationship that went wrong. With an expressive guitar beat, the track’s sound is reminiscent of the style of artists like NF and Machine Gun Kelly.

Speaking on the track’s creative process, NRE describes a very organic and spontaneous approach, “I felt, I wrote, I made”. The process connects with the artist’s genuine and instinctive connection to music, “I write about whatever I feel like at the time (. . .) I wouldn’t put myself in a box/style”.

With a previous version originally recorded in 2020, “The One” was re-recorded in Gothenburg with the assistance of producer Petter Lithvall, the new version of the song features the performance of singer Breanna Marin. 

NRE released his debut single “Negative Thoughts” in 2020, followed by the release of his previous version of the track. The rapper got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021, he’s now preparing for the new release of “The One” on October 21st.

Cover art by Nicklas Eriksson.
Photos by Taihyun Kyeong.