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take me with you to outer space

A love out of this world

Swedish singer-songwriter An Echoic releases “Take me with you to outer space”, a slow tempo, love song about a special someone. With an etheric atmosphere and warm vocals, the song’s calm sound is reminiscent of the style of bands like Broken Bells and Cigarettes After Sex.

“What inspired the song is mainly my girlfriend and her persona”, confesses the artist, expressing his desire to dedicate the song to her. “I have always sort of seen her as a cute alien that came into my life out of nowhere”.

Amid the sweeter, romantic vibes, there might also be a different perspective to the song, more connected to escapism, as the artist relays, “I also think there’s another gloomier twist to the song, (. . .) That side of the song relates more to the feeling of wanting to get away and wanting to disappear into the void”.

“The theme of outer space just came sort of naturally. I think it is a fitting metaphor for something unknown and unlike everything that is intuitive”.

“I recorded the drums on this song for example, something that I’ve never done before”. Recorded in the artist’s home studio in Malmö in 2022, An Echoic enlisted the help of his longtime producer Andrew Feels.

An Echoic’s self-titled debut EP was released in 2016 and shortly thereafter he signed to Rexius Records for his second EP: “Headless Heathen”. He’s currently preparing for the release of “Take me with you to outer space” on December 2nd.

An Echoic