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Still the Wind Blows

Still the Wind Blows

The contemplative lyrics of “Still the Wind Blows” could’ve been written in the Middle Ages or the early XXth century, while still creating a thought-provoking listening experience. For there is an ageless feel to the simplicity of mountaineer life as depicted by Davide Lippi. The song presents a synthesis of inspiration sources ranging from ancient folk ballads to modern Americana and acoustic pop, reminiscent of troubadours like Drew Holcomb.

In the stillness of life as a mountaineer horseman in the Swedish north, Davide Lippi has observed life’s perennial questions as expressed in “Still the Wind Blows”. The musings of an old soul are conveyed through a modern pop sound produced by Alexander Asp, better known for acoustic hits the likes of “Cold Winter Love”.

The questions exposed on Lippi’s debut single carry the weight of the centuries and bear a resemblance to his primordial inspiration sources: The quintessential folk song in different guises (Appalachian, Irish, Italian, Swedish).

How did I get this die-hard resistance / to the heaviest rain or to an invisible existence? Davide Lippi sings, with the universal loneliness of those who see life pass by as a series of unanswered questions. Even his God is a solitary figure: Up there in the sky You are as well a lone man, he ponders as the song approaches its end.

Equal parts social lonewolf and compassionate philosopher, Davide spends his days working at the ranch when he’s not wandering around with his guitar. The story of how he ended up becoming a horseman in the Scandinavian north after starting his life in an Italian mountain village is in itself worth a collection of minstrel ballads.

The simplicity of mountain life inspires Davide’s contemplative lyrics on “Hard Times”, his debut album with Rexius Records. Topics like grief and the passage of time intertwine with reflections on everyday life as a horseman and the struggles of northern people. “Still the Wind Blows”, the album’s introductory single, will be available in May.

Ballad of a Mountain Soul

May 22, 2020