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Davide Lippi

Davide Lippi

Alt Country, Americana, Folk

Timeless Mountain Troubadour

Rexius Records

Vemdalen, Sweden

Davide Lippi


The tireless wanderlust of Davide Lippi is conveyed through a spiritual lyricism inspired by ancient folk music, tinged with hints of acoustic pop (not unlike Drew Holcomb or Northern Indians). Equal parts social lonewolf and compassionate philosopher, Davide spends his days as a horseman in northern Sweden when he’s not wandering around with his guitar.

At some point in life, Davide Lippi was about to take a plane to Iceland, which he missed by a few minutes. Your go-to alternative would be to wait for the next flight or maybe just go home, but he decided to head for Malmö (Sweden) and stay at some friends’ instead.

After a while, Davide ended up working at a horse ranch in the Swedish north. A landscape that was probably reminiscent of his native mountain village in Italy.

Ever since, Davide Lippi has been performing as a troubadour on local pubs and small arenas across Sweden, as well as for his guests at the ranch, with a pop-influenced vocal style that you wouldn’t normally associate with rustic folk singers.

Davide started his musical journey through Cuban percussion lessons in his childhood. As he traveled across the continents and his views on life matured, he developed a fascination for traditional folk songs (Italian, Irish, Appalachian and Swedish).

His view on creation as a spiritual process results in a spontaneous songwriting style where inspiration from traveling and life in communion with nature are the key element. “Making art is just the capacity of picking up the silent messages of the natural world and reflecting them towards other listeners in a different and louder form”, he explains.

The simplicity of mountain life inspires Davide’s contemplative lyrics on “Hard Times”, his debut album with Rexius Records. Topics like grief and the passage of time intertwine with reflections on everyday life as a horseman and the struggles of northern people. The album’s introductory single will be available in May.


Still the Wind Blows

Release Date: May 22, 2020