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“Sounds From The Basement” – An Electrifying Compilation of Thoughts and Genres

The Riggs Releases an Exciting New EP

Swedish punk band The Riggs is ready to release its upcoming EP “Sounds From The Basement” on March 1st. Exploring a collection of different rock subgenres and condensing different ‘90s sounds, the band crafted an energetic EP that echoes the styles of bands like The Offspring and Green Day.

The EP’s lyrics, penned by the band’s lead singer, Daniel Högberg, are an enthralling mixture of different musings about relationships, nostalgia, complex emotions, difficult life experiences, and subtle tributes to idols and role models, crowned by the signature action movie references that are already a classic from the band.

“Sounds From The Basement” was written by The Riggs and produced by the band’s close friend Mattias Jansson at the Boomtown Studio in Borlänge. It was also mixed and mastered by producer Nico Koufakis. The EP explores different subgenres like soft rock, garage rock, pop rock, and raw, hardcore punk, as it channels subtle influences from ‘90s sounds such as punk rock, electronic, and pop. 

Formed in the countryside south of Stockholm’s suburbs, The Riggs is the materialization of the dream of longtime friends Jimmy Gustafsson and Daniel Högberg, who longed to form a band a decade ago in Gustafsson’s basement. With Arvid Jansson and Mattias Malmqvist completing the lineup, the band solidified its identity, channeling its unapologetic sound and passion for classic action movies into its debut LP “Midlife Crisis” released in 2021.

In 2023, The Riggs teamed up with Rexius Records, as they prepared to unleash more of their unique and exciting sound to the world.

Don’t miss the exciting release of “Sounds From The Basement” on March 1st.

Artwork: The Riggs

Photo: Karl Markstedt

The Riggs