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Swedish singer-songwriter Shalisa Taylor releases “Right”, her second in a series of singles throughout this year. With an intimate acoustic arrangement and her characteristic soothing vocals, Taylor shares her impressions of that moment in a relationship when the end feels inevitable. Her previous releases have been featured on Portuguese blog Caesar Live N Loud and Spotify’s Evening Commute playlist, among others.

In relation to Shalisa Taylor’s previous releases, “Right” presents a particular sense of melody that can feel cinematic at times. The hooks flow naturally throughout the song, leading to one another, resulting in a collection of memorable tunes. The overall sound is tinted with the nostalgia of classic Disney soundtracks.

Taylor’s lyrical approach in “Right” solidifies her songwriting style: Like a Frida Kahlo of acoustic pop, she shares her experiences through instants that feel like photograms of sound. Impressions rather than stories with a beginning or end.

Shalisa Taylor’s vocal performance draws inspiration from timeless figures the likes of Norah Jones and Adele. In 2017, her song “Fight” debuted on Swedish radio station P3, playing on their program for unsigned talents for several weeks. This captured the attention of Gothenburg-based Rexius Records, which has been her label ever since.

Taylor is currently preparing for the release of “Right” in October, followed by several singles with the same aesthetic approach.

Sad Love Omens

October 23, 2020