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Red River EP

Songs of Lunar Wisdom

Belgian bedroom pop artist Ben Wolf is set to release his EP “Red River” on April 21st, which comprises five songs. The EP features a lunar theme as an ode to the moon and the wisdom it brings. “Over The Moon,” “Give U Away,” “Red River,” “Fly Me To The Moon,” and “Zodiac Girl” are the names of the songs included in the project.

Wolf’s approach to songwriting is therapeutic, and each song taught its lesson during the creative process. As he explains, “They’re a collection of songs that have guided me through difficult times, inspired by those lonely evenings where only music and the moon could soothe me.”

The EP was recorded in Gothenburg in the summer of 2022, with Petter Lithvall in charge of the production and the addition of James Lowland as a co-writer for “Over The Moon”. 

Ben Wolf’s music is always driven by introspection and a constant drive to improve, he believes in the power of work and consistency. After experiencing life-changing grief, the artist’s desire to create music came from the need to express his emotions through art. Wolf’s first EP “Now You Know” was released in 2021, followed by the release of his first two singles, “Ultraviolet” and “Try Again, Tomorrow,” in 2020. He has also collaborated with other artists such as WAYI for whom he wrote the song “Mind Mazes,” reaching the first spot on Belgium’s “Bubbling Under” chart.

Wolf signed with Rexius Records in May 2022, and his EP “Red River” is set to be his latest release.

Photo by: Youness Ben Hamza

Ben Wolf