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The vulnerable catharsis of “Reasons” marks Swedish band Travel With The Sun’s third single release in preparation for their upcoming album. Retrieving bits of hope in the midst of a fatal dilemma, the cinematic sound of the track could be described as a creative marriage between the intimist stomp-pop from X Ambassadors and Muse’s sophisticated songwriting.

Following the storm of positive reactions by Spotify Editorials and curators from Scandinavia and North America, the band now presents us with the most emotionally raw song of the album.

An initial powerful synth texture introduces us to a sound that might transport to Muse’s golden era, but the chorus immediately departs from this distant refinement. Anton Björklund’s crude vocal performance conveys the honest predicament surrounding overpowering inner crisis: Give in to death, or seek for help.

All the while, a stomp-pop instrumental background with hints of Imagine Dragons or X Ambassadors conducts the memorable vocal melody to a sense of hope and relief: In spite of the turmoil, the reasons to live outnumber despair.

Travel with the Sun started in 2014 as a jamming experiment in Ulricehamn. What sounded as pop-punk/rock, in the beginning, evolved into more complex songwriting as the band’s members studied music production. They released their debut album “Twentyseventeen” in 2017.

A signing with Rexius Records followed that year, in addition to intensive recording sessions in preparation for the release of their singles “Dry Ink” and “Flaws” earlier this summer. The latter earned them a downpour of positive reception on blogs like LA On Lock and the addition to a broad selection of Editorial and user-curated Spotify playlists.

“Reasons” will be available on October 11th, building up for the release of their album “Psycho”, a new voyage through the European musical galaxy coming up in the winter.

Unedited Resilient Soul

October 11, 2019