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Appeasing the inner turmoil

Belgian bedroom pop artist Ben Wolf returns with “Peace”, a soothing and expressive track about seeking tranquility. Creating calm soundscapes that can be reminiscent of the work of James Blake, the song builds on the sound of some of Ben’s previous songs, such as “Ultraviolet” and “Try Again Tomorrow”.

Reflecting on the song’s topic, Ben relays, “The song’s about chasing that someone or something that gives you inner peace”. Initially inspired by the war in Ukraine, the song would later become more intimate, “to allow for a deeper personal connection I intertwined my feelings towards my two passions: love and music”.

Inspired by the musical style of Harry Styles, “Peace” was written during the artist’s last days in Belgium before immigrating to Sweden, where it was recorded with the assistance of producer Petter Lithvall.

Ben Wolf released his first two singles, “Ultraviolet” and “Try Again, Tomorrow” in 2020, followed by the release of his first EP “Now You Know” in 2021. He has also collaborated with other artists, such as Belgian artist WAYI, for whom he wrote the song “Mind Mazes”, reaching the first spot on Belgium’s “Bubbling Under” chart.

The artist signed with Rexius Records in May 2022, releasing his single “Truth Untold” earlier this year, he’s now preparing for the release of “Peace” on November 25th.

Photographs by David Simoens.

Ben Wolf