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Oldest Story of Love

Getting through the heartache

Swedish singer/songwriter Shalisa Taylor sings about the aftermath of a breakup in “Oldest Story of Love”, a bittersweet song with a catchy sound that can remind you of artists like Taylor Swift and Noah Cyrus.

Speaking about the song’s lyrics, Shalisa relays, “The song is about unhappy love, and how that feels like the oldest cliche in the book”. Inspired by typical media love stories, the artist sought to soften the painful feeling of being left for someone else with a carefree, positive melody, resulting in a “Bittersweet song for anyone who needs a good ugly cry”.

“Everything I write is inspired by my own life, but also by friends, family and strangers I meet in my day to day life”, she confesses, revealing a story-telling lyrical style that has grown alongside her maturity as an artist. “As I grow, so does my curiosity for the world and all its stories”. 

Recorded in Sweden in 2022 and produced by Fabian Santacruz in Barcelona, the track follows the prevalent theme of “figuring yourself out and growing up” that has been present in Shalisa’s previous songs.

Shalisa Taylor’s 2017 debut release, “Fight”, got to the top 10 on Swedish radio station P3, playing on their program for unsigned talents for several weeks. 

She signed with Rexius Records later that year, releasing several singles and an EP with the label. She’s currently preparing for the release of “Oldest Story of Love” on May 12th.

Photo: Alec Taylor

Shalisa Taylor