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“Mind Over Matter” – An Anthem of Empowerment

Drea Jeann’s New Single About Strength and Tough Decisions

American pop artist Drea Jeann finds deep inner strength in her latest single, “Mind Over Matter,” set to be released on November 17th. Echoing the sounds of artists like SZA and Alicia Keys, this piano-driven song delves into an R&B sound, showcasing the best of Drea Jeann’s soulful voice.

Co-written by Drea Jeann and acclaimed producer Eddie Wohl, who also helmed its production, “Mind Over Matter” radiates empowerment, courage, and resilience. With the additional contribution of Joshua Williams in both writing and producing, the track is a poignant exploration of the difficult process of letting go after a relationship has gone wrong.

Reflecting on the growth that ensues after making difficult decisions, “Mind Over Matter” serves as a testament to the idea that despite the heart’s feelings, sometimes the mind truly knows best. This foray into an R&B sound marks a fresh direction for Drea Jeann, as she blurs genre boundaries in her quest to convey the story and emotions of the moment.

Drea Jeann’s musical journey has always been deeply personal. Her life-changing experiences that cover the battles of addiction and the hardships of relationships have become the subject of many of her songs.

She released her debut single “Faithfully” in 2019, followed by several more singles over the past 3 years, and has recently signed with Rexius Records in 2023. Don’t miss Drea Jeann’s powerful single, “Mind Over Matter,” releasing on November 17th.

Artwork by: Simon Renström

Photos by: Emagen Photo LLC

Drea Jeann