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Little Bird

Little Bird

Gothenburg-based indie band Little Birds introduce us to a kind of blue comfort with “Little Bird”, their second single with Rexius Records. Their sound might evoke a touch of the 2000s (The Strokes, The Wombats), however with a certain Nordic melancholia that is rather associated with an intimate, heart-in-sleeve listening experience. Think emo pop, but with electric guitars and a charming homemade approach that warms you up like a hand-knitted scarf from your grandma.

“Little Bird” is an exploration on an emotional soundscape that differs from its predecessor “Know You Better”: The introductory riff is all but volatile, and the guitar solo feels almost like a contemplative afterthought. It ponders on the feelings associated with the difficulty of providing comfort to someone you care about.

The idea for the song came about when the band members were school classmates. “I was sitting in my room when suddenly a friend came in, totally devastated, and wanted to talk to me.”, frontman Julius Marstorp explains. “I felt a bit inadequate and didn’t really know what to say.” The song captures that spirit: “What I wanted to say became the lyrics for the song.”

“Little Birds” presents us with a welcome emotional contrast after the release of “Know You Better” in August 2018. Their former single earned the attention of Indie Rock Cafe and Spotify’s New Indie & Alt., as well as audiences in Europe and Latin America.

All the while, the band continues to nurture their very active live presence, fostered by the enormous musical richness of their native town. Little Birds will welcome 2019 with several shows across the Swedish territory and Norway. “Little Bird” will be available on all digital platforms in January.

Riffs in the Key of Blue

January 11, 2019