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About Living Life to the Fullest

American alternative hip hop artist Schmitty is set to release his new song “Lifetime” on June 2nd. Described as a sort of prequel to his previous hit, “How Did I Get Here?” The song was written and recorded in just one day at a beach house in South Florida.

Drawing inspiration from the sound of Post Malone and Panic! at the Disco’s most recent works, like the song “High Hopes,” “Lifetime” features a fresh vibe of alternative pop-rock that is new to Schmitty’s body of work. The song tells the story of the artist’s desire to live a lavish lifestyle full of fun and free from worries, hoping to share it with his loved ones.

Schmitty’s creative process for “Lifetime” followed the same pattern as his previous single, starting with the hook and gradually “stitching” the song together. The artist collaborated with producer Nico Koufakis, who mixed and mastered the track.

With its upbeat and positive energy, “Lifetime” aims to inspire listeners to dream big and work toward their goals. According to Schmitty, “I wanted it to empower people to dream a little!”

Schmitty signed with Rexius Records after the release of his first single in 2020. The label released his popular songs “Best Friends,” “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” and “How Did I Get Here?”

Fans of Schmitty’s previous works and lovers of alternative hip-hop with a pop-rock twist won’t want to miss “Lifetime” on June 2nd. A testament to the artist’s creative process and his ability to create uplifting music that inspires listeners to follow their dreams.

Artwork: Simon Renström