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“HUMANS WITHOUT BONES”: TaxaJermy’s Dive Into the Modern World

A Journey Through Rock’s Uncharted Territories

On October 13th, the world will welcome “HUMANS WITHOUT BONES,” the newest EP by the fearless American experimental rock artist, TaxaJermy. This eclectic rock EP explores a broad range of topics, such as human extinction, injustice, technology, and conspiracy theories.

Co-written by TaxaJermy and Lino Alessio and produced by Alessio in his Jwolf Studio in 2023, the EP channels an ample set of sonic influences, such as Tool, Corrosion Of Conformity, and Imagine Dragons.

Drawing from an incredibly diverse thematic palette, from animals and routinary activities to critical societal issues, TaxaJermy is not one to shy away from any topic, be it light-hearted or deeply serious. He seeks to explore subjects other artists might shy away from, always bringing a fresh narrative lens and a mesmerizing sound.

TaxaJermy loves to push the boundaries of what rock can achieve. Having signed with Rexius Records in 2023, his passion for defying conventions shows no signs of slowing.

Ready for an auditory experience that’s as eclectic and boundary-breaking as rock can get? Immerse in the riveting world of TaxaJermy’s “HUMANS WITHOUT BONES” this October 13th. Your musical perspective will never be the same.

Artwork: Gary Whitley

Photo: Tim Cash