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Revealing the inner self

Swedish singer/songwriter Princis releases “Hemma”, an album that uncovers a more intimate side of him. With a smooth neo-soul sound reminiscent of the style of artists like Silk Sonic, the LP explores a new phase in Princis’ musical style.

Speaking on the album’s sincerity, Princis confesses, “When I got my record deal I wanted to create something very real and ‘naked’.” This desire to reveal more of himself drove him to change core aspects of his art, “I wrote it in Swedish, it (. . .) made me really uncover myself.”

“Hemma”, translated as “Home” in English, portrays the artist’s intention with this work, as he describes it, “to feel as if I can truly relax and just be. The songs have emerged from this place of safeness and truth”.

With an ambitious team of prominent musicians such as Grammy-nominated jazz drummer Sebastian Brydniak, Drum tech Simon Östergren, bassist Erik Johansson, keyboard player Rune Gardell and others such as Henrik Thomsson, Mikael Strömkvist, Gabriella Gardell, Fanny Princis, Mikayla and Ewelina Westin, the album was recorded in the artist’s own studio and the New Ground Studios in Visby.

Princis has been selected twice for P4 Nästa, in 2016 with his debut song, “Life (Just Not Dying)” and in 2020 with his single “What’s the hurry?”. His debut album, “Jag Duger” was released in 2018. He also released the singles “Jag kommer flyga” and “Långsamt” earlier this year.

The singer got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021. He’s now preparing for the release of “Hemma” on September 23rd.

Photo: Mathilda Lavergren