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With the release of his debut album “Gold”, Ernest Noah seduces us into a soundscape of disco-pop delight. Filtered through the lens of a versatile Swedish artist and songwriter known for his success as a J-pop hitmaker, the selection is an alluring match between the nu-disco approach of acts like Chromeo and a personal tribute to figures like George Michael. “Gold” will be released on the date of the 35th anniversary of Wham’s “Make It Big”.

The album follows Noah’s series of breakthrough singles since his 2018 debut as a solo artist. Its varied sonic palette is defined by a distinctive take on retro aesthetics, revealing inspiration sources stretching from Motown to Shawn Mendes.

On the groovy side, “Gold” features Noah’s debut single “Let It Be”, and the funky “Miss Z”. The title track of the album is a fearless song with proud-and-loud vibes, making it a perfect candidate for a confidence boost playlist.

Noah’s most romantic side is expressed in the ballads “Nothing But Love” and “Down That Road”, combining his remarkable vocal skills with the top-notch production of John Åhlin. The heart-warming and honest approach to lyrics might elicit associations to Queen or Elton John.

Last but not least, songs like “Solo” and “A Little Bit of Fun” transport us to modern pop filtered through the lens of an experienced, resourceful songwriter such as Noah, who has written top-of-the-charts hits for Japanese bands like Sexy Zone.

Ernest Noah got signed to Rexius Records in 2017 and released “Let It Be” in 2018. He has been featured on blogs like and Aipate, who described Noah’s music as “an epic record, and possibly, a pop anthem”.

“Gold” will be released on October 23th as an homage to George Michael, marking the 35th anniversary of Wham’s “Make It Big”.

Cover art by Albert Frykman.
Photo by Erika Hebbert.

Irresistible Sonic Glitter

October 23, 2019