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On the cruelty of gods

Swedish hard rock band The Mörkret returns with “Goddess”, a powerful track about a seductive evil deity. With a similar sound to bands like Mastodon and Mustasch, the track’s strong presence is solidified by climatic vocal and guitar melodies.

Discussing the song’s lyrics, one of the band members comments, “The song is about an evil goddess or entity that seduces people”. A deity, which, he describes, enjoys “pushing (their) buttons and using (their) weak spots to force them to come to her, only to be consumed or to quickly lose their minds in her divine presence”.

Inspired by one of the band members’ interest in mythology and deities, the song reflects an interesting theory about gods, “if they do exist, they might not be of the good hearted kind. Maybe we are only here to serve as entertainment in their immortal and egocentric lives”.

The members of The Mörkret played in various local bands before starting their journey together. They released their first two singles “Hit me” and “Shotgun Legacy” in 2019, followed by three other singles in 2020 and the song “Deathless Orbit” earlier this year.

The band got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021. They’re now preparing for the release of “Goddess” on August 26th.

Photo: Emil Westin Skogh

The Mörkret