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Game On (Later On)

About hope and acceptance

Swedish pop artist Fuhr returns with “Game On (Later On)”, an honest song about the struggle of insecurity and overcoming it. With an honest and uplifting portrayal of the human experience, the track reminds of the expressive sound of Vargas and Lagola’s “Roads”.

Commenting on his motivation to write the song, the artist relays his desire to “accept that you’re not always the best version of yourself.  And to be self-confident that you one day or another will get better”.

This sincere reflection, and the “Insecurity and the inconceivability of just being alive and a human”, create a sense of “excitement and fear” which are both reflected in the music.

Enlisting the collaboration of two of his friends, Patrik Alsparr for assistance with the song’s lyrics and Joel Werner for help with the production, the track was mostly recorded in the singer’s home studio.

Former lead singer of the band “Save The Dolphins”,  Fuhr released his first EP “Goodbye” in 2021.

The artist got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2022, he’s now preparing for the release of “Game On (Later On)”, on June 17th.