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Unique, versatile, and a little crazy.

Rexius Records

Stockholm, Sweden



Swedish pop artist Fuhr conjures a personal and eclectic style in his music. Influenced by artists such as Vargas & Lagola, Foo Fighters and Greta Van Fleet, he believes in infusing his music with a unique perspective that ignores the boundaries of genre.

Discussing his work, he explains, “Sometimes I end up between genres. I think the most important thing is that it swings and that it is felt in the heart.”, this versatile style nurtures his sound with different angles, “Then it happens that I mix a little wildly because the genre becomes secondary.”

In regards to his motto: “Pop rock with a little touch of madness”, he shares a personal perspective, “As Ola Salo sings ‘It takes a fool to remain sane’. I probably live by that motto”. About his creative process, he relays, “I feel some kind of magic when I do the songs and I think it’s nice to share that 🙂 It’s all about emotions!”.

Former lead singer of the band “Save The Dolphins”, Fuhr released his first EP “Goodbye” in 2021.

The artist got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2022, he’s now preparing for the release of various singles with the label.



Release Date: November 13, 2020