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Gå på / Walk On

Rootsy americana pop hailing from the vast plains of the north to the rocky landscapes of the west.

“Gå på” / “Walk On” by Lina Melander. Rootsy americana pop hailing from the vast plains of the north to the rocky landscapes of the west. The Gothenburg-based artist found her genuine and personal expression in the city of Sollefteå, where she was born and raised. The northern melancholy she adopted there shines through in the double single “Gå på” / “Walk On”, where it is thoroughly sewed together with the sound of the modern Swedish pop wonder.

Lina Melander expresses a strengthening sadness that the likes of Melissa Horn, Lars Winnerbäck and Amason have developed through the past decades. Lina recreates, but also renews this tradition by adding some new fiber to the garment. “Walk On” brings colour to the soporific reality, much thanks to the inspiration from old heroes like Emmylou Harris and Joni Mitchell, but also from more contemporary names like Brandi Carlile and The War On Drugs. Together creating a cool and tranquil sound palette.

This is the first time Lina writes in english. Her previous releases under her own name were both written in swedish. As she explores the linguistics of another language her lyrics are developing. “Walk On” carries the message of longing, as found in her earlier work “Marken”. “Walk On” tells a tale about the power to strive, to persevere and to keep moving on. The song also conveys a desire for a brighter future. A message amplified by an accelerating feel in tempo, reverb ornamented guitars and a tangible bass tone.  

The song is co-written with her longtime companion and producer Tony Naima. The two work closely in the creative process and attach their common, northern, origin into the music. An origin where the forest and the woodlands play a central role. Lina has in recent years found her way back to these roots, most significantly by experiencing nature through long forest walks which has put a mark in her music. She now finds peace and calm in the whispering trees and the moss-covered ground. She wishes that others could find strength in that peace, in her stories and in her songs. She wants others to find the courage to keep on moving, to walk on.

Cover and photo by Tanja Berkö