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Evening Star

Brightest in the starry sky

Swedish pop soul artist Venus Kiani releases “Evening Star”, a positive song about hope and support. Inspired by a poem by Edgar Alan Poe, the expressive vocal performance can be reminiscent of the sound of artists like Molly Sandén and Miriam Bryant.

The song’s lyrics, described by the artist as a “kind of wordplay”, are actually connected to her own name, “Venus is often called the evening star (. . .) Since my name is Venus, I thought it was fun to play with it”. 

The concept of Venus as a guiding light, inspired by the planet’s role in literature and poetry and especially by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem with the same name, infuses the song with a warm and sympathetic message.

Recorded at Stigbergsstudion with the assistance of producer Petter Lithwall, Evening Star portrays a sort of continuation to the story told in her previous single “Astray”. “If Astray was about someone in need and asking for a helping hand, Evening Star is about that same person getting better (. . .) and now wanting to extend a hand to help someone else”

While attending the University of Gothenburg, Venus Kiani founded the duo Gudmor with her friend Florence Razaghi. In 2020, she got signed to Rexius Records and released “Astray” as her debut single. She’s now preparing for the release of “Evening Star” on October 28th.

Photos by Ellika Henrikson.

Venus Kiani