Elevator Love

The Charms of Difficult Love

Norwegian pop artist Christine Ekeberg releases “Elevator Love”, a bouncy song about the temptations of tough love. In contrast to her latest single, this release has a danceable, sassy tone that reminds of electropop artists like Daya or Kiiara.  

“The story is told from the perspective of one of the people in a relationship who feels she has the upper hand”, Ekeberg tells us. “She claims that she has a lot of guys to choose from. The boyfriend is lucky she even wants to be in the same room as him.” 

The electropop style of “Elevator Love” reflects the ups and downs of this relationship. “I love dramatic music, so of course we had to have an element of that in the song.”, Ekeberg explains. This is especially evident in the cinematic bridge that builds to a hurricane of emotions. 

This song was originally written and recorded three years ago at producer Are Sorknes’s studio. Back then the production was a bit different, but the melody and lyrics have stayed the same throughout the process. Ekeberg also collaborated with songwriter Morten Franck to create this song. 

Christine Ekeberg has been active as a songwriter and performer throughout her career. A silver medal in the World Championship of Performing Arts in Los Angeles and the semifinals at the International Songwriting Competition in 2020 are among her achievements.

Cover art by: Tanja Berkö

Photo by: Nina Minde Sørensen

Christine Ekeberg

Norwegian pop artist Christine Ekeberg plays with dualism in both her sound and aesthetics. Sophisticated but always approachable, electropop but at times acoustic. A well-trained singer and pop songwriter that has spent a lot of her life on stage, Ekeberg’s vocal performance reminds of figures like Ella Henderson and Demi Lovato.  

An overachiever performing artist, Christine Ekeberg has been participating in contests from an early age. She won her first talent competition at the age of 12 and performed two of her own songs at Norway’s finale of the Global Battle of the Bands in 2008. After winning this contest, she sang them at the world final at the Scala in London the same year. 

2011 presented Ekeberg with the opportunity to participate in the World Championship of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, winning a silver medal in all of her categories. As a member of the electronica project “Eik”, she performed at festivals like Roskilde in Denmark. 

Ekeberg has also been active as a songwriter throughout her career. Her latest participation at the International Songwriting Competition in 2020 took her to the contest’s semifinals. 

The Norwegian artist has also collaborated with several European EDM producers, among them Ljung (Sweden) with the song “Under Water”. The 2018 hit has reached over a million streams. 

Her topliner collaboration with Ljung connected Christine Ekeberg to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records, a label she has been signed to since 2019. 

The R&B-inspired single “Drama” was released at the end of 2020, earning her a feature on outlets like POPMUZIK and Caesar Live N Loud. 

Ekeberg is currently working on her upcoming single “Layers of Me”, available on March 25th, 2022.