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Fueled by anger

Dutch metal band The Unslain releases their second LP, “Descending”, an album that explores the darkness within many different aspects of existence. Constructing a unique style that fuses the sound of their old school-metal influences and modern metalcore sounds, the album can bring to mind the sounds of bands like Metallica, Trivium, Iron Maiden, Lamb of God and In Flames.

“A topic that flows throughout the album is the darker side of society/human/space”; describe the band members. Jeroen Hermsen, the band’s main songwriter, also portrays a very good picture of their creative process. “Everything starts with a feeling (a lot of times it’s anger) and an idea of how that feeling or anger should sound”.

As a primordial fuel for the band’s powerful sound, anger becomes a byproduct of their confrontation with obscurity, “We get inspired by the darker sides of things. The darker sides of society, the world, humans, human brain”.

Recorded during the 2020 COVID lockdown in The Netherlands, the band enlisted the help of producer Daan Nieboer, recording the project in Hillroad Records’ studio. “Descending” also featured guest musicians Tracy Tchai, Koen Vroom and Jeroen van der Lee (from the band XRaiders).

After releasing their debut LP “We Will Battle” in 2018, The Unslain earned the audience prize in the Dutch Wacken metal battle contest in 2019. They also released various singles in 2020 and 2022. 

In 2022 they signed with Rexius Records. They’re now preparing for the release of ”Descending” on May 19th.

Artwork by: Daan Nieboer

Photo by : Marco Teunissen

The Unslain